Tuesday, September 16, 2008

True Love

"Many of us have had our share of broken relationships, but what matters most is focusing on what we have now, rather than dreaming of what could've been. I often hear the saying, 'Your first love never dies.' At times we learn to forget and love someone who deserves our affection. After all, love can be nurtured at the right time and place."

Maybe so.
But to be honest, I don't mind when people ask me if I'm taken - I simply reply, "I'm single."

True, I sound like a lowlife to many, but I'm happy being single. At least, for now. Whenever I see people in school having relationships - having steadies at a young age (I'm fourteen now, and so are the rest of my classmates), I wonder how long those relationships actually last.

I've got a life to live. I've got my parents' love, and Narin's love too. I've got a job to do : I have to excel. I'm not gonna stick around and give my life for someone else. No, not now. That can wait.

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