Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What the hell.

This happened on Monday, I think. In front of the teachers' room.

There was this girl who was in Form 1; she came to my class and asked for me. When I asked her why, she said there was this teacher who wanted to meet me. I asked her, which one ? She didn't know. Well. Understandable, I thought, because she's in Form 1 and she still needs some time to remember the teachers' names.

I relented and followed her right until the teachers' room.

And then, she stopped.
I was concerned. I asked,

Jas : Why did you stop?
Unknown : The teacher apparently wants to see you here.
Jas : And just which teacher asked for me?
Unknown : Ya know... I don't know who she actually is.
Jas : Even if you don't know, you can still recognise her by her face, can't you?
Unknown : But I don't even recognise her!
Jas : Wha........

Now this unknown called me out of class, brought me to the teachers' room, and she was wasting my time like anything. I retorted,

Jas : If you don't know the teacher, and if you don't know her name, how do you even know that she called me?
Unknown : I just came and called you, that's all.

At that point in time, I was fuming. Expletives were coming into my head. But I maintained my composure and told her,

Jas : You, go back to class and don't you ever do that again.

And guess what she said in reply?

Unknown : I'll think it over.

This unknown ran to her class and I just stood there watching her. Was she some sort of prankster, or did she really forget the teacher's name?

I returned to class shortly after, and I told all of this to my friends. I couldn't help laughing. No, I just couldn't. What that unknown did was weird. Silly. I'm known to be silly and I'm known to like silly things, but I wouldn't go to such an extent.

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troisnyx* said...

Hey. I see you haven't blogged since September. What happened ?