Friday, April 15, 2011

i really miss you..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:( :( :( i miss you michael..!!its been 2 years but your still in my mind...!i don't know why all the sudden today i really kinda remembered you...!i went all over again seeing your vids.listening your song.. n stuffz...!i still remember the time back in 2009 where i would rush back from school just to play your songs and DVDs...!and and during break time in school i always rush to read the newpapers hoping theres something about you in it..!and it always had..! i still have all your magazines ,posters, YOUR TEE.!! DVDs,and newspaper articles..!i've only whore your tee once and that was when i went to watch 'this is it'..!and ever since that day i never wore it again..!still keeping it..!new and clean..!and my home made tee for you is still NEW.!

errrr...!! why your not ALIVE?hurmmm...!! :( world sucks without you Michael..!you was just soo sweet and caring and loving to everyone...paparazzi should get a life..all those stories they made was totally NONSENS..!but there were people who believed and turn on their back on you..!when u need them they were not there for you..!People never know what they hav till its gone,they never knew we had an angel on Earth till he left,sad isn't it??hurmmm..! trust me the words swetness and humanist, is too small to describe this man...!he was is the LEGEND.!

WE WANT YOU BACK MICHAEL JACKSON!!you was just a normal had feelings and even though some people didn't give you the chance to shine, you always showed love back.This world is a sadder place without YOU.No other singer/entertainer/composer
has left such a legend.YOUR ARE ONE IN A ZILLION..!!when ever think about you ,i feel like so different..!like ..i dnt know how to say ..! had the vibe, the talent, the spirit and the energy of the 30's-40's STARS such as Frank Sinatra, and Gene Kelly, !!!! you could sing, dance and act perfectly!!!! everyone loved you..!u have the millions of fan around d world .!I think you was one of the greatest entertainers of all time..!

i don't know what else to say..!no words can ever describe you..!all i wanna say it this man has one of the Biggest heart in the world! :) MJ4EVER! I L.O.V.E U.

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