Monday, March 14, 2011

Its 12.30 and im not on bed yet!!not sleepy!!everyone on facebook are soooooooooooo freaked out thinking facebook is going to close today....does it even matters?whats the big deal?well its not the end of your life btw!!
im only worried about my games!

actually im feeling very very very very very jealous right now..!!i saw few post and comments!! thats what made me soo jealous!!all those words!! they might just seen as words but they do have the hidden meanings behind them!!actually why must i feel jealous??LIKE YEAH!!i don't need to bother..!!its what they're doing..i have nthn to do with it!! urrr!!im such a BUDDU!!Gosh!!!

well at the end of the day im not gona gain anythin from feeling jealous..!!!itz human nature!! ahhhhh now i feel abitttttt better by blogging..!! =D


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